Wines from lands right between the sky and the sea

A sunny coast that looks over the sea towards the Tremiti Islands. This is where the Tenimenti Grieco vineyards and cellars are.
A dynamic and innovative company born with the strong will to use to its fullest the amazing potential of its territory to produce great quality wine.
Wines from the coast, characterized by a unique brackish identity originated from the iodium fluxes, which best express the essence of a land right between the sea and the sky.


The passion for wine

He is Antonio Greco, successful entrepreneur, now head of the historic family company.
She is Emanuela Cecca, marketing and communication director.
A couple, both in their personal and work life, who choose to build on a shared passion: wine. This is how the 6 years history of Tenimenti di Greco started. A story of wind, salt and shents from the hills and the sea of Portocannone.


Maria Concetta Raimondo

She is Maria Concetta Raimondo, a person who embodies competence, strength and passion. She moves with ease through the rows of the wineyard, with the eyes of someone deeply in love with her job. She is our enologist. The earth holds no secrets for her.

Tenimenti Grieco

The Staff

Behind our every success there’s them; real experts and tireless workers. They love the earth as much as they love wine. They are not just a lively group, they are a family and we can proudly say, they are Our Team.

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